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Thursday, December 31st, 2015
10:38 pm
Public Notice
Ok, so I've noticed people friending me and I feel bad about not responding somehow if I choose not to friend them back. So here's my response, and also my response to anyone who wishes to friend me in the future.

If I add you as a friend, that means you show up on my friends' list. I've gotten into the habit of only doing that if I want to read your journal all the time. If I don't want to read your journal all the time, that doesn't mean I don't like you or don't want you to friend me back: it just means the contents of your journal is not consistently interesting to me. If you do wish to read my journal, feel free to add me without asking for permission. You're not missing out on anything if I don't add you back; I've only made a handful of locked entries in the past year, and all of them were in a custom friends' group (so just as a friend you wouldn't have seen them anyway). So just add me, and once I notice and I check your journal, if I want to read it again, I'll add you back.

Um... yeah. Hi!
Saturday, June 5th, 2010
3:26 pm
Yeah, right
So this Craigslist ad appeared in my Google Alerts (which I have to find Jesus pareidolia for STTLJ). Someone was selling a glass vase with Jesus's image in it, for the "insignificant" cost of $250. But no picture. So I used one of my old emails to request a picture; if the person was serious, I would've put it up on STTLJ.

Me: Do you have a picture of the vase you say has an image of Jesus on it?

Him: Currently our Lord and Savior is not appearing in the glass so I do not have a picture of it. Also, if I was able to get a photo of the image, it would probably break the camera or erase itself in God's glory. I have had great luck with this vase though, a true miracle.

I wonder if anyone in Dallas is crazy enough to fall for it.
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
5:34 pm
Law school, Jesus, and UO
Law School: Thank the gods, I am done with exams. They saved the best for last (and by "best" I mean the opposite of best), as that Property exam was approximately as enjoyable as the class. And the class sucked. But it's curved, so it sucked for everyone. And I am confident about Contracts and Con Law, so there's an outside chance I could sneak into the top 10% this semester, depending on the benchmark. We'll see. I definitely prepared more effectively this semester than last, though I slack off a bit with Property. Unfortunately I am not fully done with everything, yet, as the journal writing competition starts Friday; I have all of one full day off before the week-long competition (aka "hell week") starts.

Jesus: I started updating Stuff That Looks Like Jesus again, and I plan on sticking with it. You all should check it out and spread the word. For those of you unfamiliar with this common occurrence, there's an explanation of pareidolia (it took me weeks to spell that correctly without checking). Brian (Dr Unne) is going to help once he's all settled in in Canadia-land, and we plan on making it the premier Jesus pareidolia site.

UO: I am still playing Ultima Online, though obviously played less during exams. Anyone interested is certainly welcome to join me, Shlup, Adam, and Jebus on this free shard. I am still enjoying it, though taming is getting frustratingly slow. Luckily Adam and I joined a guild which goes on regular group hunts, which are always enjoyable. I also have plenty of gold to afford a house, though I just haven't gotten around to finding a place to put it yet.
Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
12:24 am
ATTN: Adam
Are you still playing on that UO shard? I just installed everything and I think I'm going to create a character tomorrow (I have a morning class so not tonight). Did you ever get anyone else to play too?

I'm trying to think what to make, and then I realize it's been so long since I played non-wussy UO. All I've done since my first year or so of playing was PvM, outside of occasional guild events.
Friday, April 2nd, 2010
1:48 am
It is a great April Fools
I'm not going to repost everything here, but suffice to say that, though five years overdue, I finally got the EoFF staff back. Also, my ongoing commentary LJ entry.

Quick summary: Del Murder and I conspired to trick the staff into thinking I posted bannable images that people got in trouble for in previous years. I pretended to get more and more worked up until I posted those images as a way to emphasize the staff's apparent hypocrisy. I really did post the images, but coordinated it with Del who deleted the post immediately and reported me to the Staff. They argued heatedly for several days about whether to ban me or not, and most were starting to conclude ban.

Shlup also said during the debate that she didn't want to ban me because she "would feel guilty" and "would miss me." Awwwwwwww.
Monday, March 29th, 2010
8:51 pm
I guess it was inevitable
NOTE: This entry was made as part of a prank on the EoFF staff.

I restricted this group to people I know still go to EoFF. I don't particularly care about the privacy, but I have gotten tired over the years of people complaining about any entries of mine which mention the place.

Two days ago, I posted a scathing rant on EoFF in the Feedback forum after a good while of arguing. I was frustrated at the casual dismissal the staff has had for serious member concerns for years, and how unwilling they were to admit even the tiniest contradiction. This has been going on for years. I remember arguing with the staff when newbie Peter was banned 5-6 years ago about why Bert wasn't banned for posting a worse image, and they simply danced around the issue. It was incredibly obvious to everyone that they'd screwed up, but they refused to admit it. Just like they refused to admit any mistake or inconsistency with how they handled this year's CK competition, specifically how they treated Breine versus how they treat everyone else (I'm not going to go into detail here; if you want background, check out the Frocobo Stables forum along with my closed threads in Feedback).

I had decided that I'd had enough of Shlup twisting my words if she wasn't just name-calling me, as well as pretty much everyone else on staff simply ignoring the issue or spamming up my Feedback threads, so I included pictures. I included the snow penis which got a clueless newbie banned (Peter) alongside the far more disturbing picture which did NOT get veteran member Bert banned. For good measure, I included the picture Kishi "posted" in the 2005 prank when members and staff alike came to his defense claiming that it was not banworthy due to his "status" as a veteran, respected member.

In case you are curious, here are the images I posted. Warning: NSFW.


The post was deleted within a couple of minutes, though I reposted it without the pictures so members could see the words, at least. I had heard nothing since, until two days later when I was just drunk tanked (a couple of hours ago). When I tried to post, I received the message that I was drunk tanked while the staff discusses whether I should be banned or not. Considering the lack of info, for a while I thought the staff was going to try to sweep it under the rug and forget about it. But at least they're paying attention now. I wish I could say I was interested in the outcome, but I could really use a break from that place at the moment.
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
4:07 pm
Revenge is a dish best served five years cold
NOTE: Comments are closed so this can remain an archive of sorts. I'll be making a new public LJ entry for comments on the first.

The following comments here detail my ongoing REAL thoughts on EoFF occurrences throughout the past couple of weeks. However, I deleted some comments, such as the one where I talk about me posting The Pictures (aka "History of Hypocrisy: EoFF Porn Throughout the Ages"), because I'll be linking to this on EoFF. So don't be confused when I transition immediately from talking about Feedback arguing to my possibly being banned (for reference, I made the porn post the evening of 3/27).

Very limited friend's group. Krissy and Jojo: you are it for right now. I might let some more people in later, but I just wanted this to chronicle what's going on.

So the EoFF staff started this year's CK competition, which is suspiciously timed (after the last "prank" which was so obvious I had trouble playing along), especially since Shlup is running, well, a different version. I suspected it was part of a new April Fools prank, and later got confirmation. It looks like the gist is something like Shlup will screw it up and freak out after a few rounds.

So here's the plan, that's already been in effect for a day or so: play along with the staff's "screw ups" in this competition and then sometime later blow up and possibly get temporarily banned. I have an insider on staff for this; I obviously could not pull it off myself.

The full plan: Del made an interesting and blatantly made up comment that Breine was cut from the first round because the staff wasn't going to mod him anyway and they didn't want to string him along. I also am whining about the impropriety of the staff making such a determination before the contest even started and blah blah blah.

Anyway, the thread we were arguing got closed, so phase 1 complete. Phase 2 is me making a Feedback thread whining about this some more. It will predictably be closed at some point, and then I'll reopen it with my Former Staff powers. Repeat until my FS title is stripped, by which point Phase 3 begins: I have apparently worked myself up into such a fit that I make another post where I say I'll prove the staff are hypocrites and then post the borderline images which got Peter and Linus banned and even the Kishi 2005 prank image for good measure (if we can find all of them), basically daring the rest of the staff to ban me. These images will be conveniently *snip'd* by my insider immediately when I post them and reported to the rest of the staff. Hijinks then ensue as they decide wtf to do with me and I try to make sure plenty of people know about it, so that they'll argue if I'm not banned and hopefully even if I am.

So far all things are going according to plan. Shlup seems disappointingly unwilling to argue much (very out of character for her and surprising since presumably this is what they want), but Del is picking up the slack to add to the drama. I'm going to make the Feedback thread later today.

I'm hoping for some good times. And, of course, vengeance.
Thursday, January 14th, 2010
12:47 am
There are still crazy people at EoFF
Apparently "reason" (however he defines it) was an invention of European philosophers some few hundred years ago, and is responsible for more human suffering than all religious thought, ever. Oh and he majored in History, so it's obviously true.

I'm having trouble deciding if he's a fundie or a Marxist. Can there be a fundie Marxist?

"As a History/Poli-Sci graduate, I would wholeheartedly posit that in the last 50 years, the economic order established by Bretton Woods, modernization theory, and neoliberalism has accounted for more death, famine, war, and overall suffering than all of religious causes in human history combined. This was all established in the name of reason, efficiency, science, progress, and any other meaningless terms used to justify one's own parochial, provincial beliefs.

You should know that "Reason" as a concept was developed by British and French bourgeois power elite to justify their own subjective cultural experience. You can look at their greatest intellectual contributions - capitalism, evolution, liberal democracy and natural rights, and see an overriding theme of competition. Life in Britian especially was dictated by competition over scarce resources; it should come as no wonder why they developed the ideas that they did. Whereas in places like the steppes in the Ukraine, even the biology of the area is determined by co-operation, and thus they manufacture contrary beliefs about science and society in general.

"Reason," like "freedom", 9/11, progress, or "democracy" holds up as little more than a shield to arbitrarily protect your views form all criticism. Pure objectivity does not exist; rather, it's something we should always strive for, and indeed many Catholic saints are among the great historical thinkers who encouraged this.
Friday, October 23rd, 2009
6:20 pm
I am a heathen
So when I first moved in, I was exploring a big shopping center right next to my apartment complex and found this local Christian novelty store called Heaven & Earth. I never went in, but it amused me. I didn't really notice it for the past month or so since the only store I go into in that shopping center with any regularity is on the other side.

Anyway, I happened to be walking by there earlier... and noticed it was completely closed and empty. It looks like it's been shut down for weeks, likely within a few weeks of me moving in. I was heartily amused. I should move next to a church...

Anyway, I found out I am into round 2 of my law school's trial team tryouts for 1Ls. 48 of 100+ original competitors moved on. 24 or so will make the next cut, and then only 12 will eventually be chosen. I think I have at least a decent shot of making the top 24, but who the hell knows about top 12.
Sunday, August 30th, 2009
2:18 pm
Renfest weekend
Of the people who have made LJ entries while logged in as me, I think Lynx wins the title for "Most Disturbing."

I visited Lynx and Clarissa this weekend and we went to the Renaissance festival. Lynx bought a practice sword which was pretty cool, and we later fought in the backyard for a bit. We had more fun at their place (well, Cris's mom's place; I did not fly out to New Mexico) playing Rock Band, Halo, and an epic game of Risk that I was totally winning (eventually) until Cris's little brother Ian decided to give up and gave Lynx his cards. >=( Considering it was almost 2 AM I decided to concede rather than spend the next two hours just rolling dice and most likely getting beaten down.

But now I'm back in Williamsburg, and I have a bunch of Crim Law work to do. *tired*
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
12:50 am
Steel-Casted Kika
I am more of a foot man myself. Most guys are breast people and I am happy for them. Erect nipples, saucer-sized areola, jiggly flesh, that is all great, I am sure, but feet is where it is at. I am a foot man by breeding and trade.

My father was the man whom introduced me to the fetish back in eighty-seven. I was perusing his normal pornography stash, the one with the horses, when he caught me. Instead of visiting the wrath of God upon me like a proper Christian man, he showed Jesus-like forgiveness and mete out a sinful confession that he shared an even darker passion. Taking me by the hand, he led me the laundry room and opened a cupboard. Long had I thought it contained bleach and ammonia, two of my least favorite drinks, but it was revealed to be a secret passage leading into darkness. Crawling in after him on hands and knees, we traveled for a good fifty feet through a winding passage. Sometimes it inclined, at times it declined, but always it progressed else how could we traverse it? I digress.

Eventually, we emerged into a soft-lit room adorned with red velvet curtains. Here, my father showed me his proudest creation, a homemade speelycaptor, something which I breezily derided. A brief moment later was all required to wipe away my disdain as he slid a speely into his machine and turned down the lights. Another, different light came on and it related to the one in my head. A slow montage of anatomy crawled on the projection screen and soon my mind relayed that a movie was being played. Starring Peter Achilles and Gwen Heels, it portrayed a raunchy story revolving around the arousing senses surrounding the human foot. I was quite taken by this idea and went to my room to think. To think, I insist.

I would like to interject here that I am not gay, so no male feet please.

This was years ago, so let us speed up to the current now. I have three porn shelves; one is dedicated to soft porn, and I use this as a mask to turn away any delving into my more passionate interests. No one really likes softcore; so that is why I have a bestiality shelf. After admitting that I too do not enjoy artfully posed hands that prevent you from seeing any action, I "give up" and show them my "actual" fetish. Upon watching the first reel about pigs, most people leave my perversions well enough alone. My third shelf, the one hidden right behind the second one which no one sees because no one looks beyond Donkey Packers 3, is my most generously stocked shelf and contains a visual buffet of feet. Black feet, Asian feet, Arabic feet, Caucasian feet, any kind of foot really, if it is pretty enough. Body modifiers who operate on their feet do not fall into this category; they are gross.

What is not gross is the human foot in and of itself. Do yourself a favor and roll a sock down and push it off. You have a foot beneath that cotton restraint! Now raise it up and examine your beautiful appendage. Notice the muscles and sinew beneath it? Notice the graceful curve of your ankle merging into your hindfoot and how the bony bumps of your ankles provide that little perkiness we all could salivate over? And do not even get me started on the soles of feet; that would be the beginnings of a talk about how they indicate how you treat yourself and provide an intimate look into one's soul. I would not even properly look at a girl until I got her undressed and in a foot bath. A wine glass and foot massage later, and I might start noticing her college degree and a love of sports. But you have to know a person first and feet are windows into that private self. I celebrate birthdays of girls I am into with footwear. They like wearing things on their feet and I like their feet; it is a win-win situation! Now if only I could find someone with callouses that spoke to me like poetry...

Current Mood: TRUE RUNE TIME
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
9:58 pm
Stuff That Looks Like Jesus: a new frontsite for GHF focusing on religious pareidolia. I've updated a fair amount recently, and now you can even submit your own Jesus pareidolia pictures. If you have anything looking like Jesus or Mary or any religious icon, take a picture and submit it! Or you can submit an internet article, etc.

Btw, everyone who hasn't recently should post at GHF. >=(

I finally got my Facebook account up and active for the first time in over four years. I never thought it'd happen. And I added the 20 or so friends requests that had just been sitting there for years, in some cases. xD

Law school classes start Monday. Should be interesting.
Sunday, July 26th, 2009
2:57 pm
I'm not sure I've ever had to restrain myself from telling someone off as much as I'm doing for starsrift at GHF. His stupidity is on the level of Cloud No.9 and some of the old classics at EoFF, but is far more arrogantly self-righteous about it. It makes me want to pound my head against the keyboard.

I'm resisting posting any more in that thread, but I still felt the need to call him an idiot somewhere.
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
9:03 pm
So I was going to respond to a Suikoden thread with a link to The High Seas former LJ group archives when I got a 404 error from my bookmark.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
10:36 pm
Hugs: the new recreational drug
I thought the story about a student being suspended for a terrible drawing of something that sort of maybe looked like something resembling a gun that I linked to a while ago was a new low, until I saw this video. It's a satirical video that includes news clips of public schools banning, and giving detention, for the terrible offence of hugging. Bonus: some woman late in the video blames the rap music. I'm not even kidding.

In other news, Hillary Clinton earlier today told China it really needed to openly reflect on the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. Chinese officials condemned these "groundless accusations" as they proceeded to tightly ring Tiananmen Square with policemen. In fact, I'm glad of it, as it keeps people talking about the incident, which leads to more public examination on the travesty of human liberties that is China.
Friday, May 15th, 2009
12:37 am
I am drunk
I am here in North Carolina with friends. I almost forgot how terrible MST3k movies were.

I am also graduating college in two days. Good stuff. What's up?
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
6:20 pm
Monday, January 12th, 2009
12:16 pm
The nightmare has ended
So I got back last night from being at the twerp's. Another full day of traveling, and this one on no sleep at all (Jojo decided that since we both had to get up by around 4:30, we shouldn't have any sleep), though I did catch 30-45 minute's sleep on the bus to the airport.

I've heard some people say that people are completely different offline compared to how they act online. I have yet to see that myself in person, though admittedly I've only met three people (Lynx, Kalilung, and now Jojo). Of course, Lynx and Jojo were people I had known for years before meeting, and in Jojo's case about 9 years (holy crap). I found out that Jojo's just as dumb and crazy in real life. And she really does get drunk off of about two drinks. And if your hand even approaches the general vicinity of her stomach, she starts freaking out and giggling simultaneously (yes, she is that ticklish).

No, I wasn't raped, Sean. Though she did punch me a few times because I called her weak. Her punches didn't hurt at all, which only further supported my argument.

Oh, I also learned that I should not make my own mixed drinks when I'm already drunk. xD I kept pouring in too much and just thinking "oh well, I'll drink it anyway!"
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
12:13 am
I'm wesly
I like alcohol
I am an athiest
I'm watching house
You're fired.
Monday, January 5th, 2009
5:07 pm
Hi, I'm gay. Really, really gay. ^_^
So I'm probably still on the train, going to see the most awesome person ever aka jujuube. But I just wanted to mind-post and tell you guys how terribly, terribly gay I am and how much I want to have citizenbleys's babies.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to post something about how fundies suck and people are stupid. Sorry. :3 Fundies suck and people are stupid.

Current Mood: gay
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